People who enjoy living in vibrant urban cities are a unique breed. We don't mind walking or taking a train as our main way to get around. We can order coffee in more than one language. And like urban anthropologists, we’re inclined to explore our way around, forever in search of storied haunts and hidden gems.

The consistent sounds of life in multiple languages is the soundtrack to our day. Sometimes we walk fast and talk fast, feeding off the energy of everyone around us – though maybe the caffeine has something to do with it. For events, protests, celebrations or holidays, we know where the people will be, but we also know where to hide from it all, even in plain sight.

Cities have an energy all their own and we love it all, even those calm early hours when the street lights blink yellow, everything is quiet, and the air is light. City life might be exhilarating, exhausting or something in between. Some days it’s all of the above. But living and moving among lots of people – different people – makes us more human, or maybe it’s just more connected.

We are the pulse of the city, but we still look both ways, even on a one-way, because everyone knows that cities never sleep and rarely follow rules.

So why Urban Anthropology? To celebrate what’s magical and crazy, typical and unusual, and found nowhere but a city.